We are the manufacturer of a range innovative clothing (pyjamas) for children suffering from Atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis). We are called ATOPUŚ.


Our clothes are made from the safest material for sufferers – cotton. We want to help you control your child’s condition.


ATOPUS products are designed primarily for children suffering from atopic dermatitis. The clothes are designed to discourage children from uncontrolled scratching at night.


ATOPUS products were designed following a number of studies and feedback from parents. We are proud to produce clothing that is designed and manufactured with quality, safety, functionality and convenience in mind.


Our clothes are made from the highest quality fabrics that are safe for children.
These fabrics are produced in Poland.


Our ATOPUS products, in combination with the proper preparation of your child’s bedroom (including cooling the room), should make your baby’s night more peaceful and restful.