Why Atopus



Atopus products are unique in both the manufacturing process and the washing method.



1 – are made from 100% cotton, and are OecoTex Standard 100 certified,

2 – are produced and designed in Poland,

3 – are manufactured in white – the best colour for Atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis)


4 – have no stitches inside so as not to not irritate your child’s sensitive skin,

5 – mittens

6 – include a thumb hole to protect the wrists from scratching, while allowing your

child to grasp toys, cups, etc.

7 – reinforced stitching in groin area

8 – feature

  • a zip that is sewn into the side and covered so that the mechanism

cannot scratch your child,

  • an inclusive of hood
  • a forehead cover,
  • a collar, which protects the neck,

9- allow full freedom of movement,

10- feature fun, child friendly names 🙂

Temperature is the main determinant of mite development. The mites die at low

temperatures, so it is advisable to periodically freeze bedding or toys.

If we freeze them for 6 hours at -15 °C then only 40% of mites will survive. At -25 °C all the mites will die! That is why ATOPUŚ clothes are first subjected to the freezing process at the most suitable temperature… -25 °C . Finally  it is washed in a suitable detergent and rinsed twice. We recommend buying two sets of ATOPUs clothing, so your child can be wearing one set, while you freeze the other. Due to the fact that the clothing is subject to the very rigorous regime of being washed and frozen after every night, the expected lifespan of a product is about 3-4 months.

We wish you and your little ones, a peaceful night with ATOPUS.